Touch the evolution of dental charting.

Tap into the awesome world of touch based charting.

Edge proudly introduces edgeDMS™ for iPad®, the next evolution in practice management software for dental professionals looking to harness the the magical and revolutionary iPad from Apple, Inc. The elegant user interface offers even greater ease of use, secure mobile access and accelerated patient charting thanks to the innovative multi-touch experience that only iPad can provide. For use with edgeDMS v2.5 designed exclusively for Mac OS X. edgeDMS for iPad is sure to simplify and extend your workflows to the next level of efficiency. Simply tap, swipe and pinch, and dental practice management will never be the same again.

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Key features.

edgeDMS for iPad, Patient summary

Patient summary.

The edgeDMS patient summary page provides detailed patient demographics, alerts, medications, and immunizations. Patient visits can be reviewed at a glance.

edgeDMS for iPad, Probe

Perio charting.

The edgeDMS Perio Chart allows the user to quickly capture pocket and recession depths, notate bleeding on probe and chart tooth mobility with a simple tap or swipe.

edgeDMS for iPad, Furcation

Furcation exam.

edgeDMS for iPad allows rapid entry of furcation values to track Plaque, Calculus, Bleeding and Suppuration on each tooth.

edgeDMS for iPad, X-Ray

X-Ray browser.

Patient x-rays can be added and reviewed with the integrated X-Ray tab, simply scroll and tap the desired x-ray to review.

edgeDMS for iPad, Demographics

Image browser.

Viewing patient pictures from various intra-oral or digital camera is also a just a tap away.

edgeDMS for iPad, Probe

Impacted tooth.

edgeDMS easily records an impacted tooth state with a double swipe downwards.

edgeDMS for iPad, Furcation

Extracted tooth.

edgeDMS easily records an extracted tooth state with a single swipe upwards.

edgeDMS for iPad, X-Ray


Exam observations are rapidly captured with a few simple taps.

edgeDMS for iPad, Demographics


Etiology of Periodontal Disease is recorded with a tap.

edgeDMS for iPad, Probe

Saving exams.

edgeDMS allows the user to Save Final or Save for later edits.

edgeDMS for iPad, Furcation

X-Ray viewer.

Review patient x-rays in high resolution.

edgeDMS for iPad, X-Ray

X-Ray viewer.

Zoom and rotate patient x-rays with a pinch & twist.


"edgeDMS for iPad fits in perfectly with my long term goals of a paperless office. Not only will we be able to perform all of our office functions with less hardware and more convenience, but the patient's experience will also be improved at the same time... The iPads will be able to do all of the tasks and more at reduced costs. If I expand my practice to bring in another associate, we'll just add an iPad."

Dr. Scott M. Dubowsky, DMD, FAGD
Bayonne, NJ

"The iPad charting was very easy to pick up and apply to my patient. My assistant found it easy to make corrections without the normal erasing that accompanies the paper charting. Entering information like bleeding, calculus, plaque, recession was a snap. The perio charting was very comprehensive. With so many features available to populate the patient chart, we were able to achieve a more complete charting than I could ever do by paper."

Dr. Robert Eng Chin, DDS, MAGD
San Diego, CA

"I've been an Edge standard software user in my dental practice for several years. It has worked seamlessly for my needs, and with the introduction of version 2.5 with an iPad App I couldn't be more excited to perform routine evaluations and updates on my periodontal patients. Edge has created a new gold standard in all dental management software, let alone Mac based systems. Edge with iPad will be working to enhance my periodontal practice in expected Apple style."

Dr. Stephen Chermol, DMD, PC
West Chester, PA