Fully featured dental management suite.


edgeDMS™ seamlessly integrates every aspect of practice workflow through a series of powerful, elegant user interfaces designed with input from doctors to improve workflow efficiency.

Core features include patient demographics, scheduling, appointment reminders, and billing featuring electronic claims management with intuitive reports. Clinical ChartBook™ features pen-based clinical charting and patient education. Optional features include: Epocrates®, TreAura™ and edgeDR™, the only FDA approved diagnostic digital radiography imaging solution for Mac.

Touch Based Dental Charting

The future of dental charting is here today with efficient touch based (iPad or tablet) Perio-charting to record all patient dental data directly into the electronic patient file. Flexible options and input techniques make the switch from paper recording to electronic easy and efficient.

edgeDMS™ is the leading all-in-one Practice Management solution for small to medium sized dental clinics — the best way to apply healthcare information technology to your practice.

Dental Charting

Touch Based Dental Charting is here.

Features Include:

  • Pulls list of previous exams and allows creation of new exams;
  • Allows extraction/impaction/eruption of tooth to be recorded;
  • Saves completed exams back to server;

Retrieve, enter, store, send, bill patient history based on the electronic capture of patient dental data during the patient encounter.

Ask for a demo to see patient encounter dental data entered in real-time.

Electronic dental charting on Mac or iPad will revolutionize your practice.

Dental Charting Options:

  • Choose tooth numbering systems — FDI, Universal, Palmer etc.;
  • Perio Chart:
    • Show/Hide Mobility and Furcation
    • Allows extraction/impaction/eruption of tooth to be recorded;
    • Details: supports Observations such as Tissue Color, etc., Etiology, and Notes;
    • Picture: supports images or X-rays.

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Patient Demographics


Track Your Patients

Patient demographics database empowers healthcare workers to have all clinical information at their fingertips on demand. All patient data including: clinical, demographic, contact, insurance information, and patient history is stored.

Meet the demands for insurance reimbursements including reporting and tracking patient data electronically.

Scale From 10 To 10,000,000 Patients

The patient database has a client/server architecture, which means the network can "scale up" as the practice requires. The software can be installed on multiple machines so staff and practitioners can access patient records stored on a central database from anywhere in the office. There are no software limits on the number of patient files, or the amount of data that can be stored for each patient.

Conversion To edgeDMS Is Easy

If you’re already using DentalMac or iDental you can look forward to a smooth transition — you can import your existing patient demographics, and little or no training is required to get your office up and running.

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Scheduling & Reminders

Patient scheduling is a critical process in any practice. Smart Scheduling is powerful and gives beautiful mac functionality making it a pleasure to use.

Smart Scheduling Highlights

  • Appointments and patient information are at your fingertips, anytime you like, you can print out a work schedule or export to iCal, for anyone in your office;
  • Schedule patients, generate reports, set insurance coverage, and link it all into your billing process;
  • TreAura® Reminder sends appointment reminders via home phone, cell phone or email directly to the patient to reduce the hassle of phoning patients or missed appointments;
  • Floating transparent menus allow flexibility for organizing your work space the way you want;
  • Smart Scheduling optimizes efficiency by minimizing keystrokes required to input patient data.

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Reports & Billing

See a patient. Create a bill. Collect money. Print a report.


Prepare and store work estimates for clients. Convert a clinical chart or patient appointment into an invoice once the work is done. The carrier is automatically invoiced for the balance via the ClaimConnect Service or EHR Medicare / Medicaid systems. Output detailed invoices for customers and insurance carriers after the work has been completed.


Receive and track payments promptly and comply with new government EHR requirements.Create an Aging Analysis to automatically identify overdue accounts and calculate the balance due, including any overdue interest.

Patient Reports:

  • Demographic reports;
  • Clinical history;
  • Appointment history;
  • Drug interactions;
  • Prescriptions;
  • Procedures;

Financial Summaries:

  • Billing by day, month, year;
  • By doctor;
  • Type of procedure.


  • Cash reports;
  • Insurance reports;
  • Collection reports;
  • Open schedule;
  • Schedule conflicts;
  • Patient scheduling.

After extensive consultation with doctors, Edge has created the reports every practice needs and more.

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Digital Radiography

Web based digital radiography.


Powered by ResolutionMD Web edgeDR™ empowers providers with FDA Cleared primary diagnostic tools for viewing native DICOM digital radiography studies in an intuitive and easy to use interface.

edgeDR™ is an optional module for all Edge Products.

Product Screenshots

edgeDR Features:

  • MIP/MPR Rendering;
  • Oblique & Double Oblique MIP/MPR rendering;
  • Curved MIP/MPR Rendering;
  • MIP, AveIP, MinIP Slabs;
  • Derived MPR & Slab Batch Series;
  • Text Annotations;
  • Linear, ROI, Point, Angle Measurements, and Volume Measurement;
  • 3D MIP & Volume Rendering;
  • 3D Bone Segmentation;
  • Interactive VOI Clipping;
  • MPR shape selection (scalpel);
  • Patented Lens Tool;
  • Clinical Modules include Calcium Scoring & Coronary Analysis.

Clinical Charting

Clinical ChartBook — Looking to go paperless?


When edgeDMS™ is installed on the new Mac tablet, you can annotate any image in the Clinical Chartbook and the software will interpret the notes and store the translated text with the images.

The Clinical Chartbook is an electronic depot for storing digital images, X-rays, and DICOM image sets. Practitioners can add annotations to any image in the Chartbook. The Clinical Chartbook allows the doctor to process patient charting quickly and efficiently.

Show patient charts

You can also use the Clinical Chartbook to identify problem areas to patients by drawing on the images, and they can sign off on medical procedures right there on the Clinical Chartbook.

The data can be exported so this valuable information can be shared with other doctors to aid with prognosis and treatment of their patients.

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