Stimulus affects every physician in America. Qualify for grants up to $64k per doctor. Comply with meaningful use requirements. Revolutionize your practice with electronic health records.

Key points of the stimulus program:

  • On February 17, 2009, President Barack Obama signed into law the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act to modernize the administration of medical practice in the USA.
  • The Health IT component of the Bill is the HITECH Act, which appropriates billions of dollars to encourage healthcare organizations to adopt and effectively utilize Electronic Health Records (EHR) and establish health information exchange networks at a regional level, all while ensuring that the systems deployed protect and safeguard the critical patient data at the core of the system.
  • Over $38 billion is allocated for physicians to pay for upgrades to electronic health records and ePrescribe systems.
    The act requires that physicians upgrade to electronic health records and ePrescibe and enacts grants and penalties for compliance.
  • To receive the maximum in grants, physicians must demonstrate meaningful use of EHR in substantial areas of there practice by 2011. The largest payment to doctors is in 2011. Declining benefits will occur after 2011 and disappear by 2016. Simultaneously, penalties commence in 2012 for non-compliance.

How do I qualify for stimulus grants and comply with meaningful use requirements?

  • Doctors must choose a CCHIT certified and HIPPA complaint software product to qualify. To check these requirements, visit
  • Doctors must not only purchase, but must have sufficiently implemented an EdgeEHR™ Practice management software.

Stimulus Details

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We 100% guarantee EdgeEHR™ will
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*Requires proper installation and use of software to qualify for grants. Final meaningful use requirements are subject to finalization by governmental authorities and may change or evolve over time. Edge Health Solutions Inc. will make any necessary changes to its software to ensure its software meets the technical requirements necessary for doctors to utilize electronic health records as required by the act(s).